Whatever You Want

I don't give a shit about money,

And about your pseudo morals,

No general commands me.

Politicians can go home,

Even if they go round in circles,

They will never understand me.

Chorus:        You always want to decide, what's best for me,

But what have you ever done except pissing me off.

Reproaches all day,

About what I can do and what not,

Some day I'll be lying in my coffin.

Always what you like,

No, that's not my cup of tea,

That is to be made clear here again.


Pains in the arse and the whole bunch

Are annoying me immensely,

24 hours a day.

Smashing my cakehole,

Calling me a filthy punk,

I ask myself - is that acceptable?


                    You always used to be like that, and this won't ever change.

                    That's not my conception of the world, I prefer to say no.