I had never seen you before, and still you took my hand

I could not resist you, as you were so charming.

We danced a whole night through and laughed a lot,

And without any further ado you took my intellect away.

Farewell is no sharp sword, it's more like chainsaw.

I had to leave, the game was over, we are going separate ways.

And I am missing you like hell,

My God, I'd like to be with you.

This feeling is unbearable,

I wish you were at my side.

My heart was hit by a streak of lightening, all my thinking was gone.

I didn't have a will of my own anymore, I wanted to give myself to you.

It was too good to be real, and now it's all over.

Goodbye and thanks a lot, I have to go home.

Farewell is no sharp sword, it's more like a black hole

That swallows everything and leaves nothing more than a silent "Do you remember?".

We were in that discotheque, I hardly paid attention to PULP,

Today you are actually gone, life is a nightmare.

Now I am sitting here thinking of you, and still I can't change a thing.

I am dreaming that we might meet again some day.

Once more we'll be walking through the rain hand in hand.

I'll tell you how things really are and you won't mind.

Farewell is no sharp sword, it's more like an acid bath,

Eating away your memories until there's nothing left.