I know lots of women all over the world,

Who live for their careers, for fame and lots of money.

They read many books and are doing well at their studies,

Still when things get serious they are much too tired.

I ask myself, can this be it?

In the end all of them will be alone.

My wife comes from the country and she's not the brightest.

But when things are getting interesting at night, she's the fastest of them all.

She only listens to folk-music and does not care about Kafka.

But what the fuck, oh ho ho, because stupid people do it best.

She's never been to London, she's never been to Prague,

And yet there's a lot about her that I really like.

She takes life as it comes and never gets depressed,

At times I get real horny when she's feeding the pigs.

Sometimes she votes for the Tories,

What I don't do that often.

My wife...

As an Easter present I gave a book

To my little wife.

Yet, she just looked away

And preferred to colour some eggs blue.

In our holidays it's off to Spain, and this is really swell,

Along with all the women from her bowling-club she gets pissed like hell.

Then she starts singing German songs and throws up behind a tree,

Which is quite low, but doesn't annoy me too much.

I still appreciate her

And her gift of God.