I Will Return

They keep telling me: "Enjoy your live, for what could be more pleasant".

Anyway I'm getting bored with it, as I've already been here before.

I was reborn one more time to play the game anew.

I will return, return to this world.

I will come down, whether you like it or not.

And go through the same shit once again - I will return

Oh ho ho - I will return.

I was Emperor Nero and Buddy Holly, I was Adolph Hitler and Stan and Olli.

I was King Herod and I was Cain, and after all I was just a swine.

And therefore God's anger strikes me down, and I have to play the game anew.

My astral body travels in gentle flight, I I'm tired now I have enough.

Still another new life opens up, and if I have to go what can I do.

I was Billy the Kid and Jack the Ripper, I was Henry the Eighth and had gonorrhoea.

I was Joseph Stalin and Rin Tin Tin, and yet I don't know, who I really am.

There's no time left for contemplating and I play the game to all eternity.