The Girl From The Obituary

I' m so ugly and because I' m so shy

I was never lucky with women.

Now I've got one that is always prepared

And loves me for eternity.

I took her out of her grave and hid her at my place,

And then my magic wand brought her back to live.

You are the girl from the obituary notice, and you'll never grow old,

The girl from the obituary notice, I am so hot and you are so cold.

The girl from the obituary notice, you are everything I need,

The girl from the obituary notice, you are so stiff, and so am I.

The light of love shines on forever,

You satisfy all my desires.

Maybe you are a little passive,

Nevertheless we need it three times a day.

Now you are asleep and lying next to me

Come, let me disturb your rest - wake up and make love with me!

You are...

And when vapours rise out of your nose, I can't resist any longer,

Then I need to rip and bite I a piece out of you.

You are full of maggots to your genitals,

However, I want you, and I don't care.

I'm lying on you kissing your face,

Even if you are breaking to pieces underneath.

We are making love on your shroud as long as it's still possible,

Until the day you fall apart and the wind blows you away.

You are...