John Sinclair (Famous German Ghost-Hunter)

Screams in the crypt of horror, there's decay in the air,

A black day in my life.

I opened the gate of hell, corpses are towering up,

How can there be redemption?

And I don't know what to do,

What can be done here,

But suddenly there's an inspiration,

And I am calling London:

Chorus:        Hey, John Sinclair, save the world

Hey, John Sinclair, which counts on you today.

Because, when things are getting tough,

There's help from our man at Scotland Yard.

John Sinclair, John Sinclair

The reaper as a wedding guest, the end is near, I can almost feel it,

Because tiger women are attacking.

And the ripper returns as well, it looks like I am out of luck today,

I am under Asmodina's spell.

And I'm stuck with no way out,

But maybe this man can help me

With his gnostic rune stone,

And I am calling London:


When the oran of blood plays, your way leads straight to the grave,

And the lunatic with the devil's violin rocks away heavily.

A gruesome warning from Dr. Tod, the horrible horsemem see red,

The black executioner seems satified.

Arkonada's book of death, there's a curse upon Satan's owls,

The horror horoscope shows me my end.

And this makes me desperate,

But I have a plan.

Three more graves to Atlantis,

And I'll be calling London:


                    We give our hero a call,

                    But as usual nobody's home.

                    John Sinclair, John Sinclair