From far and near they came

Just to see you perform live.

To your fans you were a god,

Life was so wonderful.

Those days were good to you

With no problems ahead.

From the cover of quite a few teenage magazines

Your face was smiling.

Chorus:        Goodbye Popstar

With a fat belly and fake hair,

Goodbye Popstar

You could never make it.

Goodbye Popstar

Always steaming at the bar,

Goodbye Popstar

You made a fool out of yoursels.

For them you sang about Mexico

And about Greece as well.

Because what "Greek" means when f***ing

Was not unknown to you.

You had a lot of women

Out in the bright limelight,

But in the privacy of your home

One could not meet them.


Everybody went crazy about your last hit,

Because your last hit was your suicide.

Doing the last Sirtaki

You leaned out to far.

You fell from the window,

And the game was over.

You were quite undisputed

Every grandma's dream.

The world was at your feet,

But you were in a coma.