The Way To Eden

I get awake and I feel so old,

I cannot move and everything is cold.

My eyes are dull like those of a fish

And I don't lie in bed but on a board.

Somehow I don't get what's just happening to me,

But I have the impression, I'm being dissected.

Chorus:        However, I can not cry out or simply only talk

And I think I am on the way to Eden.

I am on the way to Eden .

I am on the way to Eden.

On the way to the end of agony

With an intermission in the pathology department.

I am stiff all over and I'm feeling so opressed,

My tongue is heavy, but it is just being removed.

I can't feel my heart beat, nevertheless I am horrified,

As a bone saw tears my thorax to pieces.

To me it looks like there's no way back,

And if I should ever get out of here, it won't be in one piece.


I always used to look forward to dying

Simply peace and quiet until the end of time.

"Hallelujah" with Elvis and choirs of angels,

But what's happening here is merely annoying me.

They slowly pull my face off my skull

And then my brain is weighed.

"Only 500 grams", a voice says cheerfully,

Somehow I used to be brighter in the past.

Then they start working on my genital area, but I hardly feel it,

And respectful silence fills the room.