You Drink Too Much

I drink vodka, I drink wine

It should not be less than 2 litres.

I drink whiskey, I drink gin.

Until I'm totally pissed.

After that I have a double strong spirit,

Some cherry liqueur helps me to get on,

A small bottle of brandy still fits in,

But my friends say no.

Chorus:        You drink too much!

You drink too much!

Do you really want to end up with cirrhosis in the loins?

You drink too much!

I like to drink and I drink much

After one crate I've reached my goal.

And yet I try to top it off

By eating the worm from the tequilla bottle.

If I mix everything together,

I am dancing on the table leter on.

I vomit in front of the bar and put myself in,

But my friends say no.


Five Greek liquers, five Italian ones,

Reality is drifting away.

I am not sober, but I pretend to be

And order some Greek spirit.

Some pear spirit might taste nice

To get me totally steaming.

I swear and shout just like a pig,

But my friends say no.