Army Of Darkness

They come from hell, back to this earth.
Their hatred is immense, there's nothing to stop them.
They are suffering and you wallow in your decadence.
They envy you for your life, your strength and your potency.
Of course you're not to blame.
But soon they'll be standing outside your door.
Chorus:            They want your brain and your blood, too.
You can pray as much as you like, but nothing will be fine.
Eaten alive without any cutlery-
They tear you to pieces and god looks away.
I know this is this is illegal,
But the army of the living dead
Does not care.
The smell of their decomposition is in the air,
Finally they're freed from the narrowness of their crypts.
Loud screaming comes from their victims' throats,
Live on RTL 2's  "Dead Brother"-show.
You switch channels and get a beer,
But soon they'll be standing outside your door.
Don't run away you cannot avoid it,
If you keep still, you won't have to suffer long.
Actually I am quite nice and don't want this myself,
Even if my body smells heavily of decay.
And everything that was sacred to you is gone now,
First they took Manhattan and later Berlin.
In London, Prague, Majorca, in Moscow and in Aalen,
You'll rarely find tourists anymore but only cannibals.
You think "they won't bother me"  -
I can hear them outside your door.